Tik Tok For Business- A Hit Or A Miss?

A new app redefines social media every few years. And TikTok is currently the most popular video-sharing app in the world.

TikTok has gained immense popularity over the last few years, providing a wealth of content, entertainment, and information for over 800 million monthly users in over 150 global markets. As one of the five most downloaded apps in the world, TikTok provides small businesses with an opportunity to expand their reach and connect with a highly engaging audience. You can highlight product/service offerings and connect with a growing and influential audience that has the potential to become loyal and lifelong customers. 

Entrepreneurs have found a lot to love about the video-sharing platform, and for some, it’s been huge in taking their business to the next level. If you want to make your business a successful story, you can contact our team. We will assist you in making creative and artistic videos as we are one of the best social media marketing companies in the USA.

Why Is TikTok So Good For Small Businesses?

There are several reasons why TikTok is great for small businesses. Firstly, the app’s unique discovery algorithm learns what you like over time—meaning that the more you engage with its content through the For You page (watch, like, share, comment), the more of that content you will see. It is fantastic for small businesses because the app will most likely share your content with people interested in your brand and content. Regardless of how many followers you have or how new your business is, every TikTok video can go viral. 

TikTok should be a priority of your social media strategy if you want to reach a younger demographic. While Boomers and Millennials lean towards Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter historically, Gen Z is the original adopters and most prominent TikTok users. They value authenticity and creativity and are likely to support small business accounts that foster community and speak their language.

Inspiring TikTok Success Stories

While many businesses use TikTok in their marketing, a handful of some TikTok case studies have taken off, thanks to the app. The secret lies in experience and knowing how to get TikTok to work for you and your business. In the following three case studies, we can see the common patterns!

Case #1: Guess

Guess is an international casual fashion company. They are best known for their iconic logo pieces, accessories, uniquely designed dresses, and denim. For Fall 2018, Guess wanted to engage Gen Z and millennials regarding their innovative denim line, especially for the back-to-school shopping season.

The goal was to present the denim line as sexy, adventurous, and confident.

Guess’ method was to launch a TikTok challenge with the hashtag #InMyDenim. The objective was for users to post videos showcasing how their looks went from “mess” to “best-dressed” using denim.

The campaign’s videos comprised the hit “I’m a Mess” by Bebe Rexh, which is in sync with the TikTok format, and opened with four major TikTok influences sharing and endorsing the campaign by making their own #InMyDenim videos.

The result was that the campaign went viral and generated over 10.5M views, 12K more followers for Guess’ account, and a 14.3% increase in engagement.

Case#2: Clean & Clear

Clean & Clear treat facial blemishes such as acne with face wash. They also do various skin treatments for deep cleansing, moisturizing, and makeup removal.

Clean and Clear’s limited-edition product line goal is called “My Swag” It is widely known to young female-identifying customers in India.

Clean and Clear’s method was to create a challenge with the hashtag #UnbottleApnaSwag. The product is in five packaging styles. Each style matched and represented five different personalities (Fun, Carefree, Studious, Talkative, Foodie).

Young girls chose a style and created unique content unpackaging the product.

For each personality style, Clean and Clear released a matching rap song. They cooperated with five top TikTok influencers to launch, endorse, and create content for the challenge to showcase their personality.

The viral campaign got nearly 2 billion views, more than 10K followers for Clean and Clear’s account, and more than 2.5M user-generated videos. 

Case #3: Universal Pictures

Universal Pictures needs no introduction, as it is one of the most successful films making studio companies worldwide. In 2018, Universal Pictures sought to create and increase awareness for their fantasy-comedy movie “The House with a Clock in its Walls.

The theme of magic is very prevalent in the movie. 

The method Universal Pictures used was to create a challenge with the hashtag #FindYourMagic since the movie was heavily magic-themed. The challenge was for users to create content showing some kind of magic, from simple magic tricks to film-editing magic, as creatively as possible.

Universal Pictures enlisted the help of 10 TikTok influencers who created “magic” content for their TikTok accounts, using the branded music of the movie in the background (featuring a clock chiming or ringing) to create awareness for the film and link every video created to it.

The result was that the campaign went viral, generating more than 10 thousand new followers for Universal Pictures’ account, more than 1.3M likes, and nearly 20K videos with magic content uploaded on the platform.

Boost Your Business With the Fine Social Media Marketing Company in the USA

TikTok can work wonders for making your brand known to the global public. It can help you generate authentic and deep engagement locally. Create the hashtag challenge that best fits your brand’s image and theme. Get some help from a social media marketing company in the USA like Infini Social to generate awareness. Their expert team will advise you on how to make your campaign go viral, your target audience engagement soar, and your followers!


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