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Content Types to Use On Socila Media

Social media marketing is the bread and butter for many startups and small businesses, typically those on short budgets. Or, they know the true potential of these platforms and are saving for the bad days. Whichever reason you believe, social media marketing companies boomed in these years due to the increased demand for these convenient channels. And such customer experience is going to stay!

Do you know the takeaway? For effective engagement, you must learn that not every content type works best on every channel. It’s easy but not recommended!

Here’s your guide to choosing the best content type for each social media channel. Hold tight and take notes!


Facebook is old but still a revenue-generating platform as you can find a diverse demographic group scrolling through the feed. For better engagement, go with short videos (maximum 2 minutes long), images with catchy captions, and informative links. Now, these links can be to industry news, blogs on your website, or any new offering to attract traffic to your site. 

Before doing so, research your target audience and create content per their preferences.


Instagram is aesthetic when we look at the UI/UX design, and so is the content. In 2022, many people are bashing Instagram for copying TikTok mainly due to the reels, but on the other hand, tons of people are busy watching those reels. So if we look at the practical approach, Instagram is good for reels (short clips), images, videos, stories, polls, and quotes. 

You can also see people sharing screenshots of Tweets and getting followers. So, in a nutshell, Instagram is open to other platforms’ content. But since it is highly engaging, we’d ask you to be more visually pleasing and do the magic trick quickly to have a better impact. 

Read our guide to Instagram Hacks for Organic Growth. 


Twitter grows with opinions, news, announcements, polls, and infographics. Since the platform has authentic celebrities, the reach is enormous. If you work with a social media marketing company, you’ll know how hashtags can bring your brand’s name to the top. For Twitter, always identify your niche as the platform restricts captions’ word count, and you have to play smart with the post. 

Pro Tip

Keep checking the trends on Twitter and design your content accordingly. 


To begin with any design or idea, we all go to Pinterest by default. The platform is all about inspiration and eye-grabbing content that helps you discover. Here you can publish pictures and videos focusing on how-to tutorials and educational and instructional content. There are also infographics with step-by-step guides and stats to follow. Some intriguing stats to know for Pinterest marketing are:

  • 60 percent of the users are female.
  • 97 percent of searches you’ll find here are unbranded.
  • 80 percent of the users find new brands on their weekly searches.

Read more about How Pinterest Marketing is evolving the industry.


YouTube has grown from long-form videos to an additional content type, YouTube shorts. We can call it similar to Instagram and TikTok reels, and since the dimensions are the same, you can share the same videos on other platforms. Such a channel again covers a wide audience and engages almost everyone. From those looking for current affairs/news to entertainment, educational content, cartoons, fitness, and beauty, everyone browses YouTube. And if you are particular about gaming and music, go with YT shorts. 


TikTok is a video-based platform, and the people there give the most hype to humor and trends. So every time you open TikTok, there’s a new challenge that almost everyone is following, including influencers and celebrities. So, to get the boost on this platform, you need to be people-centric. Post content that is either educational, fun, or related to activities like dance, singing, arts, enactments, or even animals doing what they do best. Out of all, if you ask a social media marketing company about the best content type for this channel, it will be a challenge. And we do agree!

A Social Media Marketing Company Can Help you Grow!

If you are starting a business or want to upgrade an existing brand, social media marketing has become essential, and none can deny it. Yes, your firm may not fit well with every other channel, but with research, you can know where you can play the best. 

For better assistance, it’s always good to seek help from a social media marketing company with years of experience working with diverse portfolios. InfiniSocial is where you can have detailed discussions about your goals and have a clear path for your business growth. Reach out and see the difference we make in your site traffic.

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