Pros and Cons of Social Media

It is no wonder that social media has made our lives easier in sharing our personal ideas and thoughts with others. Not just this, but the widespread use of social media is owning a significant impact on businesses these days. Do you know “how” and “why” it has become so essential? 

Because social media has more than 4.2 billion active users worldwide, it is no longer optional, but a need for businesses today. Don’t forget that some valuable social media marketing services help target the right audience. 

In response to social media growth, there are mixed views and opinions of people. For instance, 64 percent of Americans accuse social media of causing damage to the current state affairs in the US. While, on the other hand, people spent 12 ½ trillion hours on social media. 

Social media is everywhere, capturing our attention. But do we know the pros and cons of social media? Well, it’s time! Here are some in-depth insights for you.  

Pros of Social Media 

Is social media just a need to connect with others? Or are there any real positive benefits of it? 

1. Promotes Brands 

Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram are incredibly useful for the distribution of content. You can easily share photos, videos, updates, and all other types of information with a larger audience. Although the content varies depending on the business. However, it is the best way to gain exposure. All you need is creativity and the right content to improve your brand’s recognition and inflated conversion ratio. 

2. Helps to Reach the Target Audience 

Are you using traditional marketing strategies to reach your target audience? Are you finding hurdles in reaching the right people? Then, why don’t you give social media marketing a thought?

Social media is no longer exclusively used for communication with friends and family, but it has become a valuable tool for businesses. Increasing your brand’s visibility by reaching out to the target audience gives you a competitive edge. 

For example, an achievement post on LinkedIn increases your employer’s credibility and your reputation. Paid ads on Facebook or Instagram take your products/ services to those in dire need. Your reach can increase drastically with an effective campaign. 

3. Improves Search Engine Rankings 

The use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital to attain better traffic on your website. Although social media does not directly contribute to increasing the ranking. However, when you share your company’s website among diverse users, it disperses your content to a vast audience. For example, Mathew Woodward ranked 1st on the keyword ‘Unhealthiest Foods’ by sharing a related article on Facebook that had 31,500 shares. It not only increased the reach but also attracted many backlinks from credible resources. 

4. Offers Better Customer Satisfaction 

Do you know it costs 234 dollars to a company when it fails to retain a customer? And guess what? You have the smartest way of dealing with customers’ needs, expectations, and satisfaction. Yes, you got that right, it is possible through social media networking sites! 

Let’s get straight to the point. For example, you are planning to launch an online shopping store. Your products and services are remarkably well to make buyers happy and satisfied. What will you do next? 

You need to tell the world! Get reviews/testimonies to attract and reach new customers. It will not only attract new clients, but it steers you better about your target audience’s feedback which you can improve.  

Cons of Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool that spreads information globally. But don’t forget that it has some flaws, and a few of them are these:  

1. Data Breach and Privacy Issues 

Today in 2022, with over 4.62 billion active social media users worldwide, privacy issues have become prevalent among individuals and businesses. For example, everyone leaves their personal data on the internet which makes it vulnerable to hackers. It is due to unprotected data leakage channels that are around us, such as phishing emails and easy access to unencrypted data, etc. 

It allows the dissemination of information and personation of organizations yielding to a massive attack of hackers. Be very mindful of this because it can cause severe trouble to your employees and the business. 

2. Adverse Impacts on Brand Impersonation 

Cybercriminals frequently imitate well-known brands by creating fake web pages and accounts. These are then used to spread bogus offers, discounts, or dividends to mislead people into sharing their passwords or other sensitive data. 

It can have two outcomes for your organization; either impersonation of your social media account or targeting of your workers by similar hoaxes. Thus, putting your internal network and business account at risk.

Use Effective Social Media Marketing Services and Boost Your Online Presence Globally!

In today’s digital world, one of the most effective ways of communication, learning, and sharing is via social media. Although it has plenty of drawbacks along with benefits as noted in this blog. However, using the right social media marketing services can pivot your adverse perspective into a positive outlook. 

What’s next? 

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