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How to grow organically on Instagram in 2022

Instagram has been in the 2022 limelight! Almost every social media marketing agency is in the relay of winning over the platform. The powerful followers are the reliable community that can take the engagements to places. And as a brand, you can always be the trendsetter with your killer content that resonates exactly with what your target audience is looking for. Instagram is a whole world that grows its followers by 1.69 percent each month.

Does it cost much? Well, no! But the premium organic growth on Instagram has a secret door that most brands fail to open.

Despite quality content, if you don’t follow the updated algorithms, post frequency, and followers’ trust, your efforts can go in vain. Let’s take you across that door for growth right away!

1. Start Mentioning Influencers 

First things first! 79 percent of the brands prefer Instagram as their go-to channel for influencer marketing. But since such marketing requires some investment, you can start mentioning quotes from the relevant influencers and take the benefit. Follow their specific hashtags and start being a part of the community. And here we don’t mean to spam the feed. Design creative posts and link the relevant quotes to your ideas. 

An additional tip here would be to collaborate with micro-influencers who are more close to their followers and get you genuine engagements. Initially, you can start with exchanging small gifts and establishing healthy communication. 

2. Post Frequently

Whether you’re using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, the ideal frequency to post on each platform differs. Although consistency is the key, Instagram wants brands to post 3 to 7 times a week on the feed and 2 stories a day. Now here you have creative grounds for posting multiple images and videos at a time, making a theme, constructing a grid view of your overall profile, and other diversified possibilities to attract customers. 

You can start planning your content at the start of the month or week, or, hire a social media marketing agency with years of experience to generate frequent posts. 

3. Converse with the Audience

Once you get some followers through influencers’ communities and by posting engaging content to get their attention, you need to build relationships. For that, the comments have all the potential to help you grow further. So, never stop replying to queries, engagements, compliments, and even criticism. Be your voice and converse with the audience. 

Respond to all the DMs, your followers are desperately waiting for that. When Instagram notices people engaging with your account, it puts you in the good books. If you’re not ranking for the hashtag, Instagram will put you among the top ones if your post, for instance, gets 200 comments in an hour (including the replies).

4. Hop on to the Stories

Instagram stories take you to the world of 500 million people who view stories each day! And with the growing advancements, you can posts polls, ask questions, conduct quizzes, use trending stickers, go live, interact, or simply talk to your followers. In fact, the videos on stories perform better if brands use stickers, 83 percent of the time. If an event or product launch is coming, run a countdown on the stories, ask people to keep guessing the big surprise or so. 

Try to be as interactive as you can. You can also show workplace culture or behind-the-scenes clips there. Ask your customers to tag your page and reshare the content to show more authenticity. 

5. Make Friends with Reels & IGTV 

After the massive success of TikTok reels, Instagram launched the same feature in 2020 and conquered the world. These 10-15 seconds can be the most snappy shots, even for the non-followers. You need to select the right music, create original content, use the most relevant hashtags, record high-quality videos, understand the tools, and add on-screen text. 

Additionally, you have a long way to go with IGTV that comes along with auto-generated captions in 16 languages. Now imagine how far can you go, globally! Since such videos are more than a minute, you can engage the audience for a much longer span than reels or stories. Do you know that 91 percent of Instagram users (currently active ones) love watching Instagram videos weekly? That can be a swift shift in your Instagram marketing!

Wrapping Up

Instagram growth hacks are never-ending but let’s begin with the most essential tips and see how it goes. You have five main heroes in this movie, content quality, engagement, responsiveness, creativity, and time. Now it’s on you how to write the perfect script and gage the audience with your brand. 

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