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How social media platforms helping small business?


With businesses of all sizes under threat as a result of the coronavirus, social media services have been introduced into the digital world, and with that, there are new features introduced that are designed specifically to assist small businesses in surviving the pandemic. So, let’s study the opportunities our favorite social media platforms have capitalized on.

Facebook Shops

Shops, a new feature that will allow businesses to display and sell their products on Facebook, has been announced. The move comes as many retailers have been forced to close their physical stores due to the coronavirus pandemic, and many are now looking to benefit from the social media services.

Shops enable businesses to create free digital storefronts where customers can buy products directly from Facebook or a retailer’s website. The feature will also be available on Instagram, where users will be able to discover Shops through stories or advertisements.

Facebook already allows sales through Marketplace, but the platform is primarily used to sell personal belongings (similar to Craigslist or eBay). Shops, on the other hand, are aimed at businesses, allowing them to compete with established retail stores on sites like Amazon and Etsy.

Facebook has partnered with eight third-party shopping platforms to launch Shops. Shopify is one of these, and it has also announced the launch of a new unified Facebook channel. This means that merchants can connect their Shopify business to Facebook while still providing their customers with a shopping experience that feels unique to each app. You can avail all these with Infini Social – the leading social media services provider.

YouTube’s Advertising

Creating high-quality video content is not always easy, especially for small businesses that may lack the necessary skills or funds. On top of that, businesses are no longer able to hold in-person video shoots. As a result, YouTube has launched its ‘Video Builder Tool’, which allows small businesses to create free video content. The tool had been in development for months, but its release was rushed to assist businesses with their communication and content strategies in the aftermath of the coronavirus.

Essentially, users can create and customize short videos (of six or fifteen seconds in length) that they can then share on YouTube or use in a YouTube ad campaign. One of the tool’s main advantages – especially when compared to other free editing tools – is that videos are integrated with the Google Ads program, which means that the videos will be served to relevant YouTube viewers.

Pinterest Shop For Sustainable Brands

According to Pinterest, searches for ‘support small business’ have increased by 351 percent on the platform as users seek to buy from and support small and independent businesses. At the same time, Pinterest has seen a 93 percent increase in searches for ‘eco-friendly living’ and a 108 percent increase in searches for ‘zero waste products.

As a result, and in honor of Earth Day on April 22nd, Pinterest has added several new products from sustainable brands to the Pinterest Shop, which also happens to come from 21 small and medium-sized businesses in the United States. The goal is to increase visibility and exposure for these businesses at a critical juncture and to help them grow.

Facebook’s Resource Center

In response to Covid-19, Facebook has launched the ‘Business Resource Hub’ to assist those affected by the pandemic. The freehub includes a ‘resilience toolkit’, which contains information about preventing business disruptions, and a ‘quick action guide’, which aids in the coordination of response activities.

Instagram Stickers For Small Businesses 

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, has also released a new feature to assist small businesses in making sales, this time in the form of gift cards, food orders, and fundraiser stickers that they can share on their profile or in Stories.

This means that, even if customers are unable to visit businesses in person or access immediate services, they can still support their local or favorite businesses by ordering take-out, making purchases that can be redeemed later, or making direct donations.

Customers who tap on stickers are directed to a website where they can complete their order or to a dedicated fundraising page on Facebook. Customers can also share the stickers in their own Stories to show their support for local businesses. 

What Else Is There?

The expansion of operations from renowned social media platforms has led to an unanticipated increase in the digital business market. This opportunity has been a support for a tremendous amount of entrepreneurs. 

The main advantage of the above-discussed features is that it makes the path clear for small businesses while also expanding new opportunities to earn money with lesser utilization of financial and human resources. 

However, it’s not implied that everyone is supposed to know how to integrate their business online, and that’s where Infini Social – the leading social media services agency comes in. We help you create and run a full-fledge result-driven social media strategy for your business to achieve your business objectives sooner than you expect them to be.

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