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How Pinterest Marketing Is Evolving The Industry

Pictures take all the interest and without even knowing it, you end up spending hours staring at aesthetic visuals. Now that’s pretty much the philosophy Pinterest follows. That attention is exactly what marketers want. Right? In fact, 97 percent of all the Pinners are looking for new ideas despite the brand. It means if you have that spark, Pinterest marketing is your go-to option to be in the limelight of the right target audience. You can either go with social media marketing services or put on the creativity hat yourself!

How Pinterest is Different from Other Channels?

Well, different or better? Let your idea decide! Pinterest is more like a visual search engine with original content. The platform lets the users save their Pins (favorite posts) on a Board that turns into an inspiration for the creative heads. 

For instance, it’s autumn and a homemaker wants to redecorate the living room with the most trendy DIY decor ideas. She can start browsing Pinterest and save all the inspirational pins on the board. Once done, her Board will look like this:

In short, it’s all there when you need it! And lastly, there is the Feed, similar to other social media platforms where the audience witnesses all the ideas based on their interests. 

Some Key Pinterest Stats

Before moving further, marketers need to look at some solid numbers which are convincing enough to invest in Pinterest marketing.

  • 90 percent of the Pinterest audience falls under the category of “Always shopping.”
  • 7 out of 10 Pinterest users find the platform a trustworthy place for products and services.
  • Pinterest shoppers are likely to spend twice the time than spenders on other social media platforms. 

The Pinterest Benefits you Cannot Miss!

Pinterest marketing is rising like anything and brands need to get on board with the platform before their competitors do. Because, the sooner, the better! 

Here are some of the benefits you should know to get started:

1. Easy and Quick Conversions

If you decide to market a newly launched brand, let’s say website design services or room furniture, your key element will be aesthetics. Here you need to pull off the value and compel attractive ideas with the audiences’ minds. Once done with the skills part, Pinterest makes the conversion process easier than other social media platforms. You see a coffee table, you like the design, and there’s the website at the right top of the pin to convert you into a client. 

Since Pinterest already inspires the users and has fewer steps to the transaction, brands embrace their profiles well enough.

2. Massive Ratio of Inbound Links

Since Pinterest has pins referring to the website, any brand can make a great deal for the inbound links. The more people save or share your pin, the more exposure and authority you build over the internet. 

In contrast, Instagram has the same post-sharing option but lacks a similar link-building advantage. Apart from that, many people even use Pinterest as a search engine that opens up more traffic.

3. Promising Engagement

Platforms like Pinterest, where the users witness endless similar suggestions on each pin they save, deserve all the respect. Brands and marketers lookout for engagement and with such interesting content, there are high chances for the pins to go viral. For instance, if a user is browsing hairstyles for weddings, there will be tons of ideas. Moreover, you can directly even reach out to the hairstylist and complete your wedding look. 

In fact, the pins here have an engagement lifespan of an average of three months and they can last even for a year if you keep updating the content. 

4. Loyal Community Build-up

Loyalty and communities are the core elements of a successful brand, especially when you have just started. Using the right keywords and hashtags, you can attract the exact audience you want and build a community. By continuously helping the users with updated and inspiring ideas, you can build a fan following. Many social media marketing services use the tactic to promote their content on other platforms too. Be more helpful, reply to the comments, embrace the feedback and build a relationship with the followers to keep them with you.

Currently, 431 million individuals use Pinterest and you can pass the goodness of your brand to them. Be available and see how the community backs you up! With that trust, you can make your brand stronger than competitors.

5. On-Point Analytics

Pinterest is not solely for selling your products. As we mentioned, building community and inspiring the target audience are some of the other main aspects. Similarly, brands can use the platform for knowing the users and then promoting the same content. The analytics give you a clearer picture of interests, needs, and wants. 

By analyzing the engagements, impressions, clicks, and views on your pins, you can determine the successful content, keywords, hashtags, and more. 

Social Media Marketing Services are Acing the Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest marketing is remarkable! Due to the engaging interface of the platform, an average user spends 5 mins on the website with 5.27-page visits at a time. It shows that users are keenly interested in browsing the arena of ideas and you should not miss the opportunity. To make it easier, Infinisocial can be your go-to option with tons of creative heads who know what the Pinterest audience is looking for. To get in touch, contact them at tel:+16468468596 and make your brand worth all the conversions!

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