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social media marketing

Sooner or later, brands have realized the need for higher engagement levels, increased brand loyalty, and more customers. They term these as a must-have marketing tactic and many do use the best social media marketing services.

A majority of brands are doing a great deal of work for their customers. We have pulled together quite a few.

Take notes!

1. GoPro’s #MillionDollarChallenge

Every company wants its best for the product. The same was the case with GoPro when they were about to launch HERO7 Black.

They wanted to make it memorable.

The company came up with the idea of challenging their loyal and adventurous customers through social media to take an epic highlight reel made from snippets of GoPro-shot video.

GoPro encouraged these customers to share their videos using the hashtag #MillionDollarChallenge and created a short video after selecting the best ones out of them. The submissions that were included in the video each received a cut of $1 million. Hence, as it was the name of the campaign.

The music used in the video was produced by a community member. GoPro claimed, it gave a personal touch and said “it was the icing in the cake”.

The campaign was quite popular and saw big results. There were 25,000 submissions from every corner of the globe. It did turn out memorable.

2. Loews Hotel

If we look 10 to 15 years back, the hotel marketers just had to worry about creating website assets, advertising in print magazines, and posting billboard ads around.

Then, many started working with the best social media marketing services that helped sites to drive conversions and go viral within the budget.

Loews Hotel also paved its way by finding a solution that enhanced its customer engagements and filled its marketing channels. They started sharing guest-generated content through their campaign of #TravelForReal.

This campaign helped them in collecting many pieces of authentic and engaging content which they used in magazines, websites, social media, and other marketing channels.

The outcome of the campaign was quite favorable resulting in a 62% increase in social engagement and a 4x increase in their booking revenues.

3. Google’s #TeamPixel Tribe

Google is not famous for cell phones. But, the team came up with a great idea for the promotion of their latest handheld device through the best social media marketing services.

They collected and grouped together micro-influencers who were loyal users of the phone. These influencers posted 10,000 times in over eight months, using the hashtag #TeamPixel just to raise awareness.

The campaign boosted Google’s influencer program by taking it from 29 members to 500 members. Resulting in delivering a 5.4x higher ROI, 105 million impressions, and more than five million engagements.

4. #Airbnb

Airbnb is one of the leading American companies which primarily works for providing homestays, vacation rentals, and tourism activities. Have you ever explored Airbnb’s Instagram profile? It’s all about unnamed locations. You might be curious to find that why the main profile has no branded snaps and just guest photos. 

Well, that’s the campaign! Airbnb encourages its guests to share their snaps under their hashtag #Airbnb. The best ones are chosen and uploaded to the official account.

5. Domino’s Pizza’s #LetsDoLunch

Domino’s Pizza recently ran a promotional campaign on Twitter by asking its followers to add the hashtag #letsdolunch. And in return, Domino’s rewarded customers with huge lunch discounts.

The campaign became so popular that the number of tweets mentioned rose to about 82,500. Creating a significant impact on the brand value of Domino’s Pizza.

6. L’Oréal Paris’s #WorthSaying

Beauty and cosmetics brands have the audacity to think something out of the box while running hashtag campaigns. 

The #WorthSaying hashtag campaign was an initiative to give more power to women. Also, encouraging them to talk about what matters the most to them.

Additionally, many famous celebrities also supported the campaign like Jennifer Lopez and Blake Lively. The firm further participated in award functions and seamlessly got the attention of not just women but everyone around. The empowerment was all about speaking out the words that women hesitate to say.

7. #ShareACoke by Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola came up with an amazing marketing tactic that redefined its social presence and reputation. A while back the brand came up with the idea of delivering personalized labels on their bottles. The main plot was to provoke customers to gift Coca-Cola to others and share a bottle of coke with them.

In addition, the brand also launched a website where customers could order their personalized coke. To further enhance its presence, the campaign also collaborated with stars like Selena Gomez and Ryan Seacrest.


The above brands were all great in thinking something out of the box which profoundly enhanced their brand value. Undoubtedly, hashtags have bought a revolution in social media marketing.

The power of hashtags and the ideas such brands had come up with have created a benchmark for upcoming companies.

However, there is no denial of the fact that all of these measures took place because of the best social media marketing services like Infinisocial. A platform that provides you extra-ordinary and the best social media marketing services.

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