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15 Social Media Content Ideas for 2022

Social media is here to stay, and as of October 2021, the users have reached 4.55 billion in numbers! The fact is undoubtedly whooping as each day comes with 1 million new social media users. As a brand in today’s living world, social media services have become a basis to not just grow but also exist. 

How do you think Monica, living across the state, will know that your jewelry shop has her perfect engagement ring? Well, obviously, social media services will keep her connected and convert the lead for your brand. 

But since the era is all about competition, we do not want you to feel left out. To give you a heads up (and competitive edge), here are fifteen captivating social media content ideas you need to know in 2022.

Let’s explore them one by one.

1. Dive into the Meme World

Oh no, memes don’t make you look childish! In fact, it increases the organic engagement rate by 60 percent! Memes are probably the best content type in the modern world as it connects people instantly. Since memes are mostly relatable, it makes a fun, engaging, and shared community. 

2. Engage with Holiday Posts

At the start of the year, mark all the official and unofficial holidays in your social media calendar. And here, we don’t only mean Christmas or Easter. Think beyond the official ones and engage with your customers on other days. These can be the International Day of Happiness, Earth day, April Fool’s day, Black Friday, and any other that your local community enjoys. 

3. Educate with Tutorials or How-to Videos

How-to videos have intense potential to boost your reach like a miracle. You can add any video that goes with your brand. Not necessarily the actual product tutorial but more than that. For instance, if you have a business of electric appliances, create videos of making smoothies in your blender. Or you can even educate with the core product if its usage is complex.

4. Move Forward with User-Generated Content (UGC)

User-Generated Content (UGC) is a for-the-people, by-the-people way to engage your existing and new customers. It only requires the user’s permission, and your brand can post the content on its social media pages. It demonstrates that people are using your product/service and attracts authenticity. Adobe Art Maker Series is an example. Here artists used Adobe products, and the firm promoted the content. 

5. Show your Glimpse with BTS Content

BTS (Behind-the-Scenes) shows a sneak peek of what your company is behind the curtain. It gives a human touch, and people in 2022 absolutely love that! Show the world what your creative team is doing. It can be for any industry. Even if you are launching the software, show a glimpse of the people’s effort in brainstorming the launch or features. 

6. Show the Testimonials and Reviews

If we post your review or testimonial (with name credits) on the official social media pages of Infini Social, what will be your reaction? First, you will be overwhelmed and share it with your social circle. Second, potential customers will believe in our authenticity and probably purchase something in return.

7. Let the Influencers Take Over

Influencer marketing is probably expanding into a $16.4 billion industry. It shows that people interact and entrust these influencers with their daily purchase decisions. Pair up with the most relevant people, let them take control and target their followers. Now with influencers, you can even do giveaway contests, Q/A sessions, live sessions, tutorials, or any other engagement activity.

8. Show Off your Milestones

Show the world what you achieved as a company. Social media services are hyped mainly due to competition, and milestones are another edge you can get from these channels. Be its financial performance, employees’ satisfaction, or any other milestone you achieved. 

9. Tell the Hacks that you Already Know!

Depending on the business type, let the world know those tips and tricks that only experts in any industry know. You have been working in the industry for years, and these hacks help build trust and engage potential audiences. It can be via videos, animation, infographics, pictures, GIFs, or any way you like. 

10. Support a Social Cause

You can always support even small causes and post pictures or activities on social media to engage people. Maybe start a contest where people have to plant seeds, feed a pet, speak for women’s rights, or against racism. Be creative with what you post.

11. Use Polls on Stories

Polls are always engaging. And deep inside, people always want to know the results. You can choose top trending topics and ask what people want. With the results, you can even make your future decisions. It can be to launch a new color in your handbag collection or anything.

12. Share Industry News and Facts

Let the world know what’s new in the industry. And if you belong to the fashion industry, people are eager to look out for the trends, and you can be the first to tell them. For this, hiring any social media service provider can be a win-win situation as such content type requires constant research.

13. Release New Product Release Updates

What better place to announce your new products than your social media platform, where everyone can see and connect? Run a pre-hype campaign and get pre-orders by showing off the benefits of your new product for the existing market. 

14. Show Who’s in your Team

Your team is the asset that brings all the success. Use your social media channel to empower your employees and attract new talented employees for the current openings. Whenever you hire a resource, give a brief introduction to social media. Or you can post the reviews of the existing employees regarding the company culture. 

15. Post Discounts and other Offers

Don’t just run ads or use your website to display discount offers. Avail of social media services and let the followers know of the discounts. Create urgency by mentioning the limited-time offer. Such posts increase engagements and drive considerable traffic to your website. It results in many new leads and even conversions. 

Take a Step Forward to Social Media Services!

Now that you have tons of ideas to take a step forward, here’s our strategy to make the process easier for you. Get in touch with an expert and reliable social media services provider and let them take care of all the creatives. You can contact Infini Social and leave the rest to the professionals. We guarantee you won’t ever be disappointed!

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